About Us

We are all mothers with teenage kids and have experienced the highs and lows of life.  We all  work really well together and often say its easier to be in the Simply Natural office than dealing with the teens!

From left to right: Arlene, Catriona, Sarah, Dee

about us - simply natural 

Dee is all about customer relationships and keeping in touch with all our customers wherever they are.   She loves chats and will give you all the time in the world no matter what is going on in her life! She loves tennis, bridge and golf and her dog Toby (one of the Bichon Frise in the picture!).  Dee loves the Natulique hair wax which she says is great for styling short hair.   Dee has been with us almost as long as the company has been in existence and it would be a very dull company without her !!!!

Arlene is all about customer building, sales and marketing.    She is very quick witted and keeps us laughing (we always say you need a thick skin around Arlene!)  but she is great fun and a great addition to the Simply Natural Family.  She has been with us for about 6 months and we don’t know what we did before her!!!    Her favourite product is the Natulique Curl Defining Hair Cream.  And would you believe Arlene also loves tennis and Bridge!

Sarah who works part time looks after the day-to-day jobs and she has a great personality also.  She loves her tennis and cooking and is an avid rugby supporter, travelling to lots of away fixtures as well as all the home ones.   Sarah loves the dry Natulique Argan Oil.

Catriona who founded the company (pictured with the other Bichon Frise called Teddy)  works in sales and strategy.  She loves tennis and trekking (no time for any other hobbies!) and  loves the challenges that present every day at Simply Natural.   She uses Naturigin Medium Copper Blonde (6.34) and it was her search for the perfect natural hair colour alternative that led to the setting up of Simply Natural.

But enough about us – we want to hear from you and what you want and what you love, e-mail us and tell us what you would love to find on our site.

Teddy & Toby