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Testimonials - Naturigin Organic Based Hair Colour

  •  "Good morning. I am writing to tell you how happy I am with your NATURIGIN Organic Based Hair Colour. I needed to change to permanent hair colouring two years ago, and in doing so my hair turned 'brillo pad' like in condition, and had a terrible brassy hue. I did use hair colour, stating non-ammonia, and whereas it was fine for a little while after the salon visit, it then turned back to the same condition at home, and even with conditioner I could not comb my hair when wet. I went online and researched organic hair colouring, and NATURIGIN popped up I was delighted to see that they had a Dublin telephone number, I contacted them immediately and firstly spoke to a very nice gentleman, Emmanuel I think who sent me on a lot of information. Later I called and spoke to Caitriona, who was outstanding in her assistance and guidance, and could not have helped me more, equally Niamh was very helpful. So I bit the bullet bought Light Chocolate Brown and everyone said my hair looked really good, and the condition is slowly restoring to my hair. Hair colouring is a bit messy at home, but the results with Naturigin are very good.   My only slight comment is that I wish Naturigin included their own branded conditioner in the pack, it would just complete the process. Of course it is no problem to use your own conditioner, but it would be nice to use the product range throughout. Again, would highly recommend this product, it is what 'it says on the tin'. Continued success”   Christine Gallivan, Limerick

  • "Hi Catriona, My name is Jackie and I suffer from eczema all my life and since i've become vegan now 5 years I've seen a huge improvement in my skin. I've had so many disasters with hair dyes and had my scalp burned and then the penny dropped and I realised that hair dyes are tested on animals.... I said to myself I can't do this anymore. No voiceless animal should suffer for my vanity!!! I'm from Balbriggan and my local Pharmacy have recently stocked the wonderful Naturigin organic hair colour... I was over the moon. It ticked all the boxes for what I wanted in a hair colour. It doesn't sting at all and I was over-joyed that it's against animal testing... I'm a singer in a band and the hair has to look good! This product is beautiful and I highly recommend it. Yours Truly Jackie Roy" 

  • "Hey Girls, Can't believe I am only after discovering this range now, after 20 years of dying my hair!!! I was unfortunate enough to go grey very young, and have had to get my hair done every 3 weeks, as I am too self conscious when I can see it peeping through. Lately I have started to research all products that are paraben free, and that together with the cost of getting hair done in a salon (even though I used to take a half day off work to go see the students, but still it all adds up) and couldn't believe it when I found the Simply Natural website. I got second to none advice from Catriona and Carrie and all her team re what colour to use, and I must say they weren't lying when they said it covers 100% grey. I have never had shiny hair, but today I do. :-) I am chuffed to say the least. Thanks, Colette"

  • "I was very impressed by this totally organic hair product. It's 100% ammonia and parabens free. Initially my hair was quite dark after the application of ' Light Chocolate Brown' colour No. 5.0 However, after a couple of washes a gorgeous chestnut colour began to shine through. There was 100% grey coverage and left my hair soft and shiny. The product is easy to use, doesn't run down the face or neck and is perfect in 30mins. I would definitely use this hair colour again."
    Caroline Aherne, Nurse and Naturigin user, Blackrock, Co Dublin
  • "I started using Naturigin dark blonde about a year ago, and I was very pleased with the overall colour and condition it left my hair in. The big attraction for me was finding a hair colour product that actually worked but had no ammonia. Then I read up about parabens in hair dye and decided that I also wanted a hair dye without parabens in it. A friend suggested Naturigin and I now use it regularly."
    Jennifer Finney, Mother of 4, Glenageary, Co. Dublin
  • "I started using Naturigin hair colour a few months ago, I have psoriasis on my head and when I put dye on, it absolutely kills me. To my surprise when I used the Naturigin hair dye there was no burning sensation and added to this no toxic smells that you had to close your eyes and mouth so that tears don't roll down your cheeks!. It's a great product, no smells, no burns, and also the colour is really natural, having been born with red hair a long time ago,  I quite like still having it!"
    Deirdre Mc Keagney, Architect and Naturigin user, Dun Laoghaire, CO Dublin
  • "My daughter has been very pleased with the result after using Naturigin hair colour. She had never used a permanent hair colour before, being reluctant to use a chemical product. Her hair had turned grey after illness. Naturigin 6.0 is very close to her former natural colour. Thank you."
    Jill Brown, Sweden
  • "To Catriona,the reason I chose Naturigin as my hair colouring is because it’s so natural compared to all the other hair colouring products on the market. I have being recommending it to my customers who are also very happy with it. It’s very easy to use. The only negative I have with it is the sachet of treatment which I thought was conditioner. This is not clear in the box.
    The colour I use is Copper Brown. When I use it the smell is beautiful and it leaves your hair really shiny. It’s great to have a hair colourant on the market that’s safe enough to use for people on medication and receiving chemotherapy.
    I will continue to use it as long as it’s available.
    Thanks again."
    Colette, Pharmacist, from Wades Pharmacy, Co Wexford
  • "Dear Catriona, 
    I love your hair colour product. Over the years I did find products that gave me the colour I was pleased with, BUT, the process was an ordeal. I read about your product in a newspaper and found it as good as described. No overwhelming odours to take your breath away or fumes that irritate your eyes and then, on application, no problems with my sensitive scalp, just a very natural looking colour. Thank you for such a great hair colour product and wishing you every success and many more customers."
    Geraldine O'Flynn, Cork
  • "I am generally very happy with your products. I had a severe allergic reaction after I had had used a different hair colour products in UK. Ever since, as a result of my bitter experience, I have been afraid of any kind of hair colour. However, I then discovered that Naturigin Hair Colours do not cause me to have any allergic reactions. Hopefully other people will use Naturigin Hair Colours with the same confidence as I. Thanks for a lovely product."  
    Motoko Kimura Siig NATURIGIN User
  • "I have, for several years, coloured my hair with many different colours from almost all of the largest conventional hair colour suppliers out there. A short while back I tried a high-end hair colour product from Schwarzkopf who claim that their product is natural and easy to use. The result? The product left me with severe allergic reactions on my face and scalp. I also experienced respiratory problems shortly after using the product. Though I have previously experienced mild, to severe allergic reactions from using products supplied by Loreal and Schwarzkopf, this was by far the scariest experience.
    As I am aware of my sensitivity to many of these chemical products I have of course tried natural and organic products from both health shops and the Internet, but was always disappointed by the results. The results always proved to be unstable and unsatisfactory.
    Recently I tried Naturigin Hair Colours for the first time. Without doubt this product has given me better results than any other product, whether from large or small suppliers. No more allergic reactions and no more respiratory problems. The results were fantastic and as good as I would expect from any of the major brands. Now, whenever I want to colour my hair, I need to look no further than Naturigin as this products simply fulfils all my needs without leaving me with unwanted side effects and reactions." 
    Jette, NATURIGIN User
  • “Extremely pleasant to use with a great smell and colour that lasts. It is very nice to work with. My experience is that it is milder than other permanent Hair Colours and performs without itch or other discomfort. Sales are satisfactory!”
    Marianne Petersen, Matas, Gravene 21, Haderslev
  • “An ingenious Hair Colour.
    - I experienced it as very good and mild, without itching. A resulting sensation similar to that of a hair treatment
    - Very easy to use
    - Very pleasant odour
    - Colours extremely well
    - Does not feel like a mask
    - Colours are Naturally Beautiful
    - Good consistency and pleasant to use”
    Dorthe Rünitz, Rødovre Materialhandel A/S
  • “Everyone who has tried Naturigin Organic Based 100% Permanent Hair Colours thinks that it is fantastic. We are constantly selling more products.”
    Hanne Kjærgaard Jepsen, Center Materialisten Viborg ApS
  • “Easy to work with and covers grey hair exceedingly well. It does not agitate the scalp as other Hair Colours do. A really great experience using NATURIGIN Hair Colours”
    Lise Drejer, Center Materialisten Viborg ApS
  • “A really good Hair Colouring with a good consistency. Beautiful colours which are easy to work with and feels more pleasant, milder and more natural than traditional HairColours. We need NATURIGIN as we experience a great demand for organic products. NATURIGIN Hair Colours should be part of our standard stock.”
    Christina Gadsberg, Frederiksberg Material A/S, Frederiksberg Centret
  • “It is easy to sell because it is without Ammonia and Parabens, and contain a minimum amount of chemicals. The price is also good. NATURIGIN Hair Colours is a good product for those who demand a product that is as natural as possible. The colours are really good and exciting from the lightest to the darkest colours, and also the reds.”
    Sus, Rødovre Materialhandel A/S
  • “The customers have bought the products themselves, without us having to sell it.”
    Christina Carstensen, Perlegade 61, Søborg
  • “I am very satisfied with the Hair Colours. It covers gray hair well without looking like a helmet on top of the other hair. Positive, positive! Easy to use and smells great. To my surprise the colours actually last very well. The timing for taking in this product is perfect as the demand for anything that is natural is sky rocketing.”
    Agnete Ankerstjerne, Materialisten Odder
  • “NATURIGIN Hair Colours are technically fantastic as it is easy to apply, easy to use and smells terrific. The consistency is great and it does not run, which makes it easier to colour edges. I find it to be milder than traditional Hair Colours as it does not cause a tingling sensation. It feels great and without any discomfort, as is usual for Hair Colours.”
    Ellen Rasmussen, SuperBrugsen Juelsminde, Former Hairdresser
  • “NATURIGIN Hair Colours do not itch or burn. We have most certainly lacked some more natural and ecological products within Hair Colours. Furthermore Naturigin has the most appealing packaging within the Natural Hair Colours market - there is doubt what kind of product it is and sales are satisfactory considering the short period it has been in the market.”
    Janni Petersen, Materialisten, Torvet, Nykøbing Falster