What Is The Definition Of Natural Hair Colour?

So many more people are finding out about our great home hair colour Naturigin but even after hearing the great reviews, seeing the awards and reading about all the dangerous chemicals that are taken out we still get asked –“ is it 100% Natural?” Our permanent home hair colour Naturigin was developed by a family owned Danish company in response to health issues within their circle of family and friends and a lack of trustworthy and ethical natural and organic hair products on the market. Their aim was to create a safer, cleaner brand of hair colouring products from cradle to cradle.

Naturigin is SLS, Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens and Cruelty free. It is extremely transparent- it doesn’t hide chemicals behind names like Parfum/ Fragrance. It is also made in a highly environmentally friendly manner using recycled packaging and green energy. Most importantly the colours are natural as they contain organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT and this is why Simply Natural consider it to be the most natural colour on the market.

ECOCERT certification is extremely strict and these are some of the standards:


  • 100% of ingredients must comply with their strict standards
  • At least 95% of total ingredients are natural or of natural origin
  • 0% Synthetic Colorants, Perfumes, Dyes, Anti-Oxidants, Emollients, Oils and Fats, Silicones, Petrochemical, any ingredient which cannot be naturally produced
  • Each ingredient must be completely traceable back to it’s source
  • The product cannot be made by unsustainable processes or use genetic engineering
  • No more than 5% of total ingredients can come from synthetic molecules if they are considered indispensable to the formula.


So in answer to the question –is Naturigin 100% Natural?


We can say it has a minimum of 95% natural ingredients and is in our opinion the cleanest most ethical hair colour on the market- and that is on top of giving beautiful colour with excellent coverage.


Love Simply Natural