Trekking In The Snow - The Brutal Beauty Of Ireland

I am completely hooked on trekking, my husband got me into it recently. Our lives are so intensely busy Monday to Friday that heading off at the weekend to trek in Co. Wicklow – 20 minutes down the road from us has become one of the highlights of our weekend. The temperatures drop dramatically as we head up the hills but with each week we are getting more organised and kitted out in the right gear from waterproofs to hiking boots to socks and Gators. We are trying to do the Wicklow way bit by bit rather than in one go. It’s absolutely amazing how few people we come across – it makes us realise – “do people realise what they have on their doorstep”!


Anyway our Incrediwear Trek Socks are being trekked around Wicklow and keeping the feet toasty warm. I also notice playing tennis in the cold last week that one of my hips it getting quite sore so I will be wearing the back sleeve from now on to avoid any further pain or progress in that direction – I am way too young to be experiencing hip problems – I will not sacrifice my tennis – although I know of lots of women who have. Our damp climate here in Ireland seems to compound injuries.


We would love to hear from you especially any fellow trekkers and tennis players – how do you keep the body from falling apart!