Top Tips To Avoid Injury While Cycling

A meal rich in carbohydrates and protein after an intense workout can aid muscle recovery as the body is especially receptive to macro-nutrients about twenty minutes after exercise. The carbohydrates will replenish the body’s glycogen stores and the protein will start repairing the micro-trauma the muscles experienced during exercise. Both of these are key components in the recovery process and will aid in muscle recovery leaving you in less discomfort throughout the day.

Elevating your legs after a long ride can make a significant difference to recovery by promoting lower body blood flow and preventing pooling. This can be achieved using a pillow behind your head, and placing your legs up against a wall, aim to stay there for 5 minutes for every hour ridden. Keep your knees straight but not locked to give optimal results and you’ll get a gentle stretch for your hamstrings too.

Stretching is a vital factor in muscle recovery in cycling as the repetitive movement can cause muscles to constrict leaving a tight exhausted sensation throughout the legs. Stretching before and after a long ride will loosen up the muscles and leave them less likely to become stiff.

Another way to increase blood flow throughout the body is the use circulation shorts. Some of the top riders like Dan martin who recently got injured in the tour De France swear by their efficiency in aiding muscle injuries and recovery. Wearing a pair of circulation shorts post or during training will leave you feeling noticeably fresher. You can easily wear them under your normal clothes so there’s no inconvenience aesthetically. It’s important though that they are tight enough to give a genuine effect, so buy a quality brand and take care with sizing.


(Dan martin has been seen using incrediwear products for the last three years.)


Incrediwear is recommended by medical professionals and is used by professional athletes as it contains germanium which increases further blood flow throughout the body. The increase in blood flow and oxygen will aid in the healing process as less lactic acid build up will occur leading to a faster recovery time. Increased circulation helps to reduce pain,swelling, stiffness, and fatigue. Incrediwear also aids joint pain, arthritis, tendonitis, sports injuries, sprains and tired aching muscles. These products are moisture wicking, thermo-regulating and super light so they pack easily into a suitcase or a gym bag. Check out this video of Nathan Haas packing his Incrediwear socks and circulatory shorts for the Giro D’Italia and get inspired to get out on the road yourself.

Is there any tips or trick you use to avoid injury? Let us know we would love to hear from you.

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