Say Hello To Natulique- Certified Organic Hair Colour

Introducing NATULIQUE



The only ORGANIC hair colour on the market that is ECOCERT CERTIFIED. Lowest PPD content 0.01%. It also contains NO RESORCINOL, NO PARABENS, NO AMMONIA.

Natulique Testimonials


    • "I find Natulique a really good colour to use in my salon as it leaves my clients hair with amazing shine and condition. NATULIQUE has no ammonia gas evaporating up into my stylists eyes when applying the colour, it leaves little or no staining on scalp or hairline compared to traditional brands, my clients find NATULIQUE very gentle on there scalp so for the first time we can use a permanent hair colour on sensitive scalps.


NATULIQUE 100% ammonia free, 100% resorcinol free, 100% parabens free, 100% ppd free.


As it is better why not use it?"

Rory Finnerty- Owner of Cabello Hair Salon, Sandycove.


    • “NATULIQUE is the best hair colour I have ever had. The condition of my hair has improved and best of all there was no irritation on my scalp.”


Maeve Powell – Galway. Went to Teresa Roche Hair Salon, Ennis


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This fantastic professional hair colour has been designed with a focus on natural ingredients that work together to provide a more gentle hair colour and extra conditioning.


With sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, apricot seed oil and grapeseed oil full of vitamins and proteins your hair will be left restored and nourished with a natural healthy shine.

Does your usual trip to the salon include?


  • No ammonia or smell?
  • 100% grey hair coverage?
  • Hair with shine, volume and strength?
  • Leaving with hair in better condition that when you came in?

If not, now’s the time to switch to Natulique. 

To celebrate the launch of Natulique, Simply Natural is giving a few lucky people the chance to try this great natural hair colour for free. If you or someone you know are interested in trying out this great colour then simply get in touch.

If you are too attached to your usual hair stylist then contact us and recommend them as we are always looking for the best salons in the country.