Red And Proud- Tips For Beautiful Red Hair

St. Patricks day is almost here and this year the team at Simply Natural are throwing the spot light on our beautiful Irish redheads.

The days of ginger bashing are long gone as red hair has become more popular recently due to the increase in red headed celebrities such as Florence Welch, Julianne Moore, Christina Hendricks and Lily Cole and of course we can't forget our own beautiful Maureen O Hara.


To celebrate our love for red hair we are giving a 10% discount on the purchase of Naturigin 7.4 and Naturigin 7.55 between now and the end of St. Patricks day. Just quoth RED&PROUD10 when you buy!


As every red head knows, red hair whether natural or dyed is actually the trickiest colour to keep fresh and vibrant so we have put together some tips to keep your locks looking their best.


  • Try to wash coloured hair as little as possible to avoid your colour running out or use a colour with a colour lock treatment such as our Naturigin.

    • If you have naturally oily hair or must wash it more frequently try to use a sulphate free shampoo. We recommend Seaweed bath argan oil shampoo & conditioner. A simple trick to keep hair fresh between washes is to sprinkle baby powder on your hair.
    • Keep your hair protected from the sun as UV rays will lighten your colour. Use a hat or scarf or a good UV protection spray.
    • The saying goes “dress well-notice the dress, dress impeccably-notice the woman”. The same goes for your hair- keep it in good condition by getting regular trims and using a moisturising conditioner and people will notice your colour not your split ends!

      If you don’t like dying you hair but want to keep it looking at its best there are lots of simple home made recipes to enhance your own hair colour without spending lots of money on colour depositing shampoos filled with chemicals. 
    • Pour cranberry juice on your hair and cover with a shower cap for fifteen minutes before rinsing out.
    • Mix a few drops of peppermint oil in a cup of water and warm gently to blend. Simply add the peppermint water to your own shampoo or place in a spray bottle for spritzing on damp hair.
    • For a natural red highlights check out this great recipe for making your own gorgeous Hisbiscus Tea hair rinse.


    This St. Patricks day there is no excuse for your hair not to clash beautifully with your green ensemble. So get out there and shine.


    Happy St. Patricks day!


    Love Simply Natural