Naturigin Frequently Asked Questions Answered


Always Allergy/Patch Test First

If you have had any type of reaction or  sensitivity that you would have a concern about  to hair colour in the past you should try the “Colour start” patch test Kit to rule out an allergy to PPD/Resorcinol (sold on our website)

If you have not had any type of reaction or sensitivity to another hair colour you should always do a patch test before using Naturigin.  Mix a small amount equal parts contents from the colour tube and white activator in a separate non metallic bowl.  Put the caps firmly back on the tube and the activator bottle  (for later use) put the mix onto the inside part of your elbow and leave for 48 hours.  If you see any swelling or redness on your arm do not colour your hair.

Picking Your Colour

How do I pick the right colour –? watch the video which gives you great tips - We recommend you chose a lighter colour for the 1st time in case the end colour result is darker than expected

What if I cannot find the shade I want ?  You can mix the colours to achieve the required shade.

Can I go from Dark to blonde  ?  No – only a hairdresser can lighten your overall hair colour using professional products

What if colour does not take ?  if you more than 50% grey hair or if your hair is colour resistant you can leave the colour in 10-20 minutes longer – Please note that  it may go slightly darker.

What Can I expect With Naturigin


You can expect excellent coverage even on grey colour resilient hair, to achieve this you may have to adjust/increase the time you leave the colour on for

A Shine on your hair like you have not experienced with other hair colour brands

Lasting colour – your colour will last – you may experience slight fade after the first week – this is the colour settling.  A lot of customers say the colour is even nicer after the first week !

If the Colour fades or does not take – you should consider using Malibu C “ Colour Prepare” sachets.  This will clean out the minerals and product build blocking the colour from depositing onto your hair follicle – Certain minerals in water for example copper and other minerals will sit on the hair and block the colour (check out our videos on the website for the Malibu C products that explain this)



Using the Colour

Instructions are provided with the products – there are plastic gloves attached to the instructions

There is a colour lock treatment included to lock down the colour – use it  after you have finished the colouring and shampooed out the colour.

There is no shampoo or conditioner included – we recommend the Naturigin Shampoo and conditioner to maintain the colour



Applying the Colour

We recommend using a tint brush so that you can methodically divide and section the hair and apply the colour evenly – we sell these on the website

Roots only

If you are colouring only the roots ensure you chose a colour that will blend with the rest of your hair.   

If you are very colour resilient or you have 50% or more grey you should consider leaving the colour on for an extra 10-15 mins longer than the instructions give.


Tips on Specific Naturigin Colours


2.0 Black – This is a lovely Black (Very  Dark)

2.3 Ebony - More dark brown than black

3.0  Dark Coffee Brown – lovely dark brown colour

4.0 Brown – Medium Brown Colour

4.6 Copper Brown – Medium Brown with Copper tones

5.0 Light Chocolate brown –  Very Popular

5.3 Dark Blonde – this can be quite warm in other words if you do not want warm undertones or you have red undertones then go with 5.0 and not 5.3

6.0   Dark Golden Copper Blonde – be aware there is copper in this colour

If you want the 6.0 without the copper mix 50% 5.0 - light chocolate brown and 50% 7.0 - Natural Medium Blonde in a separate non-metallic bowl with a full bottle of applicator and mix well.  Firmly Close the colour tubes for the next time you colour your hair and use the 2nd applicator bottle,

6.34 – Medium Copper Blonde

7.0  Natural Medium Blonde – very Popular colour  - no undertones – not much warmth should come through

7.4 Medium Blonde Red – Warm/Soft Red

7.55 Medium Blonde Deep Red – Vibrant Red

8.1 Light Ash Blonde – Very popular – Use this colour if you want an Ash Tone and No Warmth

9.0  - Very Light Natural Blonde – This Colour can bring warm undertones to your hair – if you do not want any warmth/warm undertones but want this shade mix 50%/50% 10.2 and 8.1 in a separate non-metallic bowl with a full bottle of applicator and mix well.  Firmly Close the colour tubes for the next time you colour your hair and use the 2nd applicator bottle,

10.0 Platinum Blonde – (no ash or warmth here if you want this colour and are worried about warmth go with 10.2 (lightest Ash Blonde)  instead

10.2  Lightest Blonde Ash – very popular (no Warmth or warm undertones)

10.3  Beige Golden Blonde – Lovely warm Blonde Not Ashy at all.  If you do not want warmth/warm undertones go with 10.0 or 10.2 instead

11.0 Extreme Blonde  - The most Blonde Colour

11.2 Extreme Ash  Blonde  - the most blonde you can be with Ash




  • Naturigin Contains no Ammonia, Parabens, Sulphates, synthetic colour or perfume, it does contain peroxide (without peroxide the colour will not take)
  • Naturigin contains 12 natural oils and extracts and this will help improve the condition of your hair
  • Naturigin contains 0.01% PPD – if you have an allergy to PPD’s you cannot use Naturigin