Natural Remedies For Sun Burns

The Irish love the sun and as soon as the temperatures start to rise we all get a little carried away. The sun is so good for us- filling us with Vitamin D, boosting our moods and creating an overall sense of well-being. However, no matter how many times sun cream is applied with Irish fair skin sun, burn and sun damage can sneak up on you. If you have been caught out in the last few days by the sun’s rays here are some natural sunburn remedies you can apply to your tender skin to relieve pain and repair skin.

1. If the itching becomes unbearable apply a washcloth that was soaked in cool water and if the cloth warms up simply re-wet the washcloth. Do not apply ice or an icepack to the sunburn.


2. A cool bathtub can be beneficial for sunburns in hard to reach places such as the back. If you're tend to loiter in the tub for hours, skip the bath and take a cool shower, instead. Ironically, soaking too long can cause or aggravate dry skin, which can increase itching and peeling. Pat the skin gently using a dry towel.


3. Applying a few tablespoons of baking soda to a cool bath can sooth the skin, you should not be in the bath for longer than 20 minutes of you risk drying out the skin. Avoid drying off using a towel and air dry the skin so the baking soda remains on the skin to cool the sun burn.


4. Oatmeal applied to cool water is a great alternative to oils, bath salts, or bubble bath when sun burnt to relieve sensitive without irritating.

5. The sun dries out the skin's surface and causes cells and blood vessels to leak, causing even greater moisture loss. In addition, while cool baths and compresses can make you feel better, they can also end up robbing moisture from your injured skin. To prevent drying, apply moisturizer immediately after your soak. Another great tip is to keep your moisturiser in the fridge for refreshingly cool relief. Don't apply petroleum jelly or oils, which can exacerbate the burn by blocking pores. If the burn is blistering, however, don't apply anything.


6. Gel from the aloe Vera plant reduces redness and stinging sensation of sunburn as it causes the blood vessels to constrict. Aloe vera can be bought in the supermarket and applied straight to the sunburn by splitting the leaf and retrieving the thick gel from the plant or aloe vera gel products can also be bought in pharmacies. This is moisturizing to the skin and can be applied 5 – 6 times a day for a couple of days to see optimum results.


When sun burnt the skin is dehydrated therefore it’s important to replenish liquids by drinking plenty of water while recovering from a sunburn. Being well hydrated will help burns heal better.


Do you have any natural remedies to help sunburns? Get in touch we would love to hear from you.


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