Natural Relief For Mild Sunburns And Free Samples

Now we really are having a lovely summer time, at least here in Ireland the sun is shining on a bright blue sky. But as we all know, the sun can be dangerous, especially if we let our skin burn. So, please everyone, remember to use loads of sun cream with a high protection factor. However, if an accident happens and you get sunburned, it’s very important to moisturize your skin properly with a right product. ZUM RUB is a handmade and 100% natural moisturizer, bringing a relief for damaged and mildly sunburned skin helping it heal faster.


Did you know that tanning without burning can still damage your skin, make it look older and increase your risk of developing skin cancer? So remember to enjoy the sun responsibly, drink loads of water and keep your skin moisturised.


Find perfect moisturizers for all skin types and conditions at Simply Natural Online Shop and you know that you are using only the best, 100% natural products to protect and heal your skin. Order ZUM RUB before end of July and we'll send free samples for some other 100% natural ZUM products with your order!