NATULIQUE- "Made By The Vikings, For The Vikings!"

The organic, professional hair colour and styling range from Denmark, NATULIQUE is a favourite among stylists all over the world who are passionate about giving their customers a healthy and organic option for colouring their hair. One hair stylist right here in Ireland knows the importance of not only giving clients the product best suited for the health of their hair, but also what will give them the most natural look. 

The multi award-winning History Channel series, Vikings is set to premiere its third season in February. Like in any large-scale television production, audiences expect the appearance of the characters to look as historically accurate as everything else that goes into making a production seem real-life. Seeing as Vikings is set in the 13th century, far before hairdressers were doing highlights and curly blow-dries, it is incredibly important for the show’s characters to have the most authentic appearance as possible. To achieve the “Viking” look, Irish hair designer Dee Corcoran, a 4-time IFTA and USA Guild Award winner, uses the certified-organic hair colour and styling range, NATULIQUE to give the actors the most natural-looking hair colour and styling. “We needed to achieve the most authentic and natural looks possible, and I am using the most organic and natural colours available that give the best performance,” says Corcoran about the NATULIQUE brand.

Dee has been designing hair for over 30 years, and Natulique is honoured that such an expert trusts our hair colour to help her transform the actors. Dee is up for another USA Guild Award and we wish her the best of luck!