Happy Fresh Breath Day

Fresh breath can often be taken for granted for people blessed with it but the statistics for adults suffering from Halitosis (bad breath) is startling with 3 out of 4 adults suffering from bad breath on a regular basis. With this in mind we would like to celebrate in the true spirit of fresh breath day and share some simple, natural advice along with a chance to win our fresh breath hamper!


The vast majority of bad breath is caused by what is happening in the mouth so keeping your mouth clean and fresh is key. Make sure to brush and floss twice daily to get any food stuck in-between teeth. Don’t forget to clean you gums and if you can use a tongue cleaner.


Most people know to avoid sulphur producing foods such as onions and garlic but less obvious choices are coffee, tea and cigarettes which are very drying on the mouth and can lead to perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive in.


Chewing on mint, fennel seeds, parsley or cloves will all stimulate fresh breath but try to avoid traditional chewing gums as they can contain artificial additives. For a more fashionable alternative to chewing on parsley try some peppermint tea or our Sencha naturals green tea mints. These cute little mints contain natural fresheners and sweeteners with the added goodness of Matcha green tea and are great for fighting dragon breath.


To top off your fresh breath day why not enter our facebook competition to win our fabulous fresh breath hamper filled with goodies including a Kiss my Face fluoride free toothpaste, a selection of Sencha natural green tea mints and a Zum kiss lip balm for extra kissable lips.