Get The Summer Look- Without All The Chemicals

Summer has really taken off with fabulous sunshine at last ! I hope you are making the most of it at least at the weekends – live for the moment is my motto !


We are working really hard at bringing you tips, information and help especially with choosing hair colour and looking after you hair. Our previous blog has lots of fantastic tips – If there is anything at all you need to know - pop us a email. There has been a lot of bad press recently about women bleaching their hair with really nasty hair dyes, wanting to achieve that super bleached blonde look. We say if women feel better going very light blonde then at least use a better hair colour and of course our hair colour brands whether doing it yourself or going to the salon are by far superior, innovative, cleaner and purer. Stop using the nasty toxic brands and look after your hair and your health. Check out our fantastic NATULIQUE Hair Salons all over Ireland on our Salon page – they will firstly patch test you (as any good salon should) and give you the best colour / highlights/low lights/ balayage that you have every experienced.


Girls younger and younger are looking to get highlights done as soon as school is out ! At least if you succumb to her wishes make it NATULIQUE and don’t let her ruin her beautiful precious hair. Get her thinking beauty/vanity can go hand in hand with healthy – no compromise.

If you need to touch up your roots between colour – our (paraben free) mascara brush specially formulated for colouring hair has been a huge hit – we literally cannot keep it in stock !!! You never know but you might find yourself on holidays with that bit of root showing through – Just brush it away with our Gray Disappear – loads of colours to choose from. Men are using it too for beards, eyebrows etc


Finally, we have loads more gorgeous scent soaps from that handmade hippy dippy company Indigo Wild – go for them before they sell out !


Love Simply Natural