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Fading Hair Colour? Want Lasting Hair Colour? Solve It Today

Natural Shampoo

A lot of shampoos on the market are full of chemicals and silicones which can build up on your scalp causing scalp irritation. The chemicals in them can strip the colour. By using a natural shampoo without any SLS (lathering agents) there will be no harm done to your hair, only goodness.


Water Temperature

By using hot water you are also in fact stripping colour out of your hair. Just turn down the water to lukewarm and you are doing a world of good to your hair and colour. Hot water can also cause dandruff as it dries out your scalp.
Really Good Hairdressers only use luke warm water and a cool (temperature) hair dryer on your hair.


Wait 48 hours

Wait two days after your hair has been coloured, to wash your hair, You are giving time for the colour to set into your hair, making the colour last longer.


Natural Conditioner

When your hair is coloured it loses its natural oils which gives your hair that natural shine. Use a good conditioner designed for colour treated hair. Choose a natural conditioner as it has no silicone (plastic) which prevents your hair from breathing. It will also have no harsh chemicals so it won’t affect the colour.


Colour treatment

To keep your colour hair in excellent condition and to maintain the colour use a colour treatment. A colour treatment will brighten and perfect the colour giving your hair a fresh outlook.


Argan oil

It is one of the best known hair moisturisers that is chemical free; a reason to use it confidently. Argan oil does contain a lot of beneficial elements such as vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals among others. By using argan oil, your hair will be hydrated and softened thus maintaining a shiny hair free from breakages.


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487 reviews

Have been using this hair colour for a number of years, excellent coverage, no allergic reactions. Hair is soft and shiny, product smells really good. Would recommend to anyone 100%

Excellent product; quality colour

This is a lovely colourant, doesn't burn scalp, quality feel and lovely to use. Resulting effect is healthy natural looking and evenly coloured hair.Thoroughly recommend it.


I love this product. I get the full hair colour and my hair feels and looks great after i use it. Wouldn't dream of going to the salon to get my hair coloured, when i can easily do it at home myself. Brilliant product.

Best hair tint ever!

I have been tinting my hair for many years now (using a number of name branded tints)... Thankfully I came across this brand and haven't looked back! Not only does it tick all the boxes, but it also delivers what it promises. I definitely recommend this to all the blondes out there!

I live in the UK, so want to add a big thank you to Simply Natural for their customer service and delivery excellence.

Last minute order

I decided last minute just a few days before Christmas to purchase this. I was really impressed with the service I received immediate updates and the item arrived the following day. I would highly recommend simply natural .thank you