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Enrich & Protect Your Hair With Argan Oil

After a long dry Summer your hair can be left feeling brittle and dry. Pollution, sudden changes in temperature and daily events all affect the beauty and wellbeing of your hair. Before the Autumn wind and rain arrives to whip your sun-damaged hair into a tumbleweed consider nourishing and fortifying your hair with Argan Oil.


Argan oil is a rare and precious raw material due to its low yield but unique antioxidant properties. It is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, flavonoids and tocopherols which are all essential ingredients for strong healthy hair. Regular use of Argan Oil will increase hairs elasticity making it less easily damaged and better able to withstand our hectic lifestyles. Argan Oil is also renowned for giving hair a beautiful silky shine without weighing it down.


Argan Silk, our beautiful new range of hair care products in enriched with Argan Oil and is an excellent way of conveniently including Argan Oil in your hairs beauty regime. The Extra Moisture Shampoo is very gently and is designed to be used on the most fragile driest hair. The Supreme Treatment mask nurtures thin and opaque hair giving it back its strength and brilliance. Finally, the balsam spray Instant Conditioner gives immediate relief to dry, tangled hair leaving it supple and pliable. The Argan Silk range gives life back to dry, damaged and thin hair giving it texture without weight.

to celebrate our new product we have put together an Argan Silk gift set which includes one free Argan silk product so you too can have beautiful, protected hair this Autumn. - Shop Here


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Best hair colour I've ever used!

Not only is the Naturigin haircolour range appealing to me because it avoids several of the dangerous chemicals in other brands but also because of the way my hair feels and looks after I've coloured it, it's amazing!
On application, the colour doesn't have a strong potent smell like other brand haircolours, in fact it has a pleasant subtle fragrance. The mixture applies easily and doesn't cause my eyes to smart, there is no itchiness or any stinging sensation on my scalp during the development time. When I rinse it off and use the included sachet, my hair feels silky smooth. The coverage is great and lasts for approximately four weeks.
I have used Naturigin for at least six or seven years now, if not more and have recommended it to many of my family and friends. They are equally pleased with the results.
As long as the range is available to buy, I will continue to use it.

Good coverage and colour

Covered my very grey hair well and I like the colour it seemed to blend well and was easy to apply.

Good product but way too much delivery packaging, not eco friendly and unnecessary as well.

Well worth the money

Enjoying my showers again! Water pressure just right now and distributes evenly. Would highly recommend


Could not remove top as instructed, emailed to organise exchange and no response. Really poor customer service as have tried to get in contact over a few different channels