Cover Root Growth And Gray Hair Instantly!

I hope the sun has been shining for everyone!


As you all know we (here in Simply Natural) are constantly working on to find the best and the most natural beauty products there are available to you. To make sure, that the products actually work and are as good and natural as promised, we do a lot of research and test every single product very carefully before bringing it to you. Recently, we discovered a brilliant new product which is all natural and a real time saver: Gray Disappear – Root Touch Up Mascara.


It covers root growth and possible gray hair instantly, quickly and easily with no mess. You can even use it to add temporary highlights. Just take the brush and apply the colour onto your hair. Voila, your hair looks perfect and the colour lasts all day until you next wash your hair. And men can use Gray Disappear to colour in the gray on their beard, moustache and/or eyebrows.


This is a brilliant product to use between hair colouring but also it delivers a quick fix when you have to cover your roots and don’t have time to add permanent colour to your hair. It is easy to use and for most importantly, it’s quick and natural, with no toxic ingredients and it fits discreetly in your handbag.


Available for purchasing on our Online Shop.