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Dark Golden Copper Blonde

Dark Golden Copper Blonde Naturigin 6.0
100% Permanent Hair Colour Dark Copper Blonde
SLS, Amonia & Parabens free dark Blonde hair dye
Contains Certified Organic Ingredients


Product Description

Golden Blonde Hair Dye

Dark Golden Copper Blonde Naturigin 6.0

Naturigin 6.0 is a beautiful dark golden blonde with subtle copper undertones. It offers a lovely warm and natural colour. Using Naturigin 6.0 will completely cover any grey hair and offer a lasting result. The colouring process takes between 30 and 40 minutes. It is easy to use and hair will be left in great condition, enriched by the special blend of certified natural lemon and orange peel extracts along with 10 other pure and natural oils and extracts. The Naturigin product range has 19 permanent shades satisfying the colour needs of anyone who cares about the chemicals being absorbed into their bloodstream via their scalp from traditional hair dyes. There are no such worries with Naturigin as it is 100% ammonia, paraben, resorcinol and lauryl sulfate free. Research has confirmed that Naturigin hair colour has the lowest PPD levels (0.01%) in any hair colour on the market, containing between 3-6 times less PPD than our competitors. A much healthier alternative! .