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Dark Blonde

Dark Blonde Naturigin 5.3
100% Permanent Hair Colour Dark Blonde
SLS, Amonia & Parabens free Dark Blonde hair dye
Contains Certified Organic Ingredients


Product Description

Dark Blonde Hair Dye

Dark Blonde Naturigin 5.3

For those customers who want their hair colour to stop just short of brown, Naturigin 5.3 is the perfect colour choice. Hair is left silky smooth thanks to the unique combination of pure and gentle extracts and natural oils, including lemon peel extract and orange peel essential oil. Naturigin 5.3 offers 100% grey coverage and leaves a lasting result. Anybody who colours their hair should care about what chemicals are being absorbed into the bloodstream via their scalp. With Naturigin hair dye there are no such worries. It is ammonia free, paraben free, resorcinol and SLS free. None of our products are tested on animals and are vegan friendly. Naturigin is the only Scandinavian hair colour brand and the only permanent hair colour ever to be sold in any Nordic pharmacies.