Naturigin 2.3 Ebony
100% Permanent Hair Ebony Brown
SLS, Amonia & Parabens free organic brown hair dye
Contains Certified Organic Ingredients


Product Description

Natural Brown Hair Dye

Ebony Naturigin 2.3

Naturigin 2.3 gives hair a rich ebony black colour and the condition of hair after colouring will be enriched by an exclusive blend of certified lemon peel extract, certified natural orange peel essential oil amongst other pure and gentle extracts and oils. Naturigin is one of the world’s healthiest hair colour brands. It contains only 0.01% PPD’s which is between 3-6 times less PPD than any competitor currently on the market All Naturigin products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. A clinical test in August 2015 proved that Naturigin hair colours are 98.2% natural derived. This is due to a long history of constant improvements to our composition and striving to be the frontrunner in the beauty industry. Naturigin 2.3 contains a colour lock treatment to ensure long lasting colour and has 100% grey hair coverage.