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Organic and natural nail polish - Nailberry


Nail polish is a beauty essential; it can instantly add style and elegance to any look. Whether you’re going for smart and stylish or cool and chic, nail polish is one of the best accessories you can have. Along with plenty of colours to choose from, there are now more brands than ever before. While most nail polishes are chemical-based, hence the toxic fumes given off from each bottle. There are some brands like Nailberry, which offer natural nail polish.

Created by nail lover and salon owner, Sonia, Nailberry offers a range of natural nail polish. Unlike many other nail polishes, these natural varnishes are non-toxic. As well as cruelty-free and good for your nails. They come in a range of beautiful shades, from Groseille to Strawberry Jam. Because there are plenty of colours to choose from, these natural nail polishes can be worn for anything. From work to social functions and events.

Most people aren’t aware but most conventional nail polishes contain a number of toxins that can have serious effects on the body. The most common chemicals found in nail varnish are toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. These help to make the polish stick to the nail, harden more quickly and last longer. However, they come with many adverse side-effects.

A prime example of this is formaldehyde which is a carcinogen when inhaled. This means that overexposure to this could put you at higher risk of lung cancer - scary stuff. Many people don’t realise it but nail polish can cause problems for pregnant women. Studies have shown that toluene can cause harm to unborn babies if the mother breathes it in during pregnancy. This can lead to birth defects and slower mental activity. This is rare but even so, it’s still worth mentioning.

The great thing about natural nail polish, like Nailberry, is that there are none of these nasty chemicals. This means that not only is natural nail care better for your nails but also your overall health.One of the best things about natural nail varnish is that you can still achieve the same bright, beautiful look with it. Natural nail polish promises beautiful colours, long-lasting glossy finish and anti-fade technology. And best of all, all without harmful chemicals. Not to mention that
Nailberry natural nail polish also has a UV filter to prevent the polish from yellowing in the sun. What’s not to love about natural nail varnish?

Another benefit of natural nail polish is that it’s safe for the use on babies and children. It’s still not a good idea to eat it, so it’s best kept on their toes, but it’s much safer than using normal nail polishes on them. If you're going to paint your child's nails, natural nail varnish is always the best option. There are many reasons that swapping from conventional nail polish to natural nail varnish is worth doing. However, the main one being your health. As well, of course, the nasty effects
chemical-packed polishes can have on the environment.