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Organic and natural hair styling products


There are many hair care products on the market. But, the shocking truth is that some of them are dangerous to use! You might not think it, but some products have carcinogens and can make your body ill. The good news is that the Natulique range of hair care products doesn't harm your body.

In fact, they are all certified organic products. The Natulique range gets made with natural ingredients. They are some of the safest products available in the professional beauty industry today.

Why Natulique?

You don't need to apply all kinds of harsh chemicals to your head to achieve a certain style. Many hair care manufacturers do that because it saves them money. The Natulique range of product only uses certified organic ingredients.

There aren't any nasty surprises when you use a Natulique product. Instead, what you get is honest value for money. What's more, you use a product that does what it claims. Not what a marketing ad wants you to believe!

What makes Natulique different is that many ingredients are USDA and ECOCERT certified organic. Did you know that the Natulique permanent colours are 95% natural? That means each product won't clog skin pores and cause skin irritations or allergies.

Natulique Moisture Hairwash Shampoo

There are many benefits of using organic shampoo products. For a start, they volumize your hair and enrich it without using harsh chemicals. Second, you are one step closer to leading a greener lifestyle. That's because toxic chemicals won't end up going into the water system when you shower or have a bath.

The beauty of Natulique Moisture Hairwash is it infuses your hair with natural ingredients. It's useful for people with dry and chemically-treated hair. What's more, it doesn't contain any parabens preservatives, propylene glycol, or sodium lauryl sulfates.

Natulique Moisture Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Once you apply shampoo to your hair, the next step is to treat it with some conditioner. The Natulique Moisture Hair & Scalp Conditioner has only the best and healthiest ingredients.

It's a perfect accompaniment to the Natulique Moisture Hairwash Shampoo. Did you know that the ingredients contained in this organic conditioner come from plant extracts?

Nature has often given us the answers to keeping our bodies fresh and healthy. The Natulique Moisture Hair & Scalp Conditioner uses nature to help rejuvenate our hair. It also oxygenates and re-hydrates your skin and scalp.

Naturigin Colour Care Shampoo

Suitable for everyday use, this product is perfect for colour-treated hair. It's ECOCERT-certified and has no artificial perfumes or preservatives. What it does have is an abundance of essential natural oils.

Natulique Curl Defining Hair Cream

When it comes to defining and giving hair curls optimal support, there is only one solution. Natulique's curl defining hair cream nourishes and offers shine from hair roots to ends.

The unique formula also protects the hair from getting deformed or frizzing. It's a product enriched with Vitamin B5 and helps to strengthen your hair.

The Natulique Curl Defining Hair Cream contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, a natural ingredient. It helps to create firm and workable curls.