Black Naturigin 2.0
100% Permanent Hair Colour Black
SLS, Amonia & Parabens free Black hair dye
Contains Certified Organic Ingredients


Product Description

Black Naturigin 2.0

NATURIGIN 2.0 will leave your hair a rich inky black. Developed and produced under strict EU regulations, all Naturigin hair products are manufactured according to the world’s most stringent cosmetic regulations that guarantee the highest possible level of consumer protection. It is not tested on animals. With 12 Natural Oils and pure Extracts your hair will have added shine during colouring, while your hair and scalp will be nourished and protected. The product is a 100% SLS-free, Ammonia-free, PTD-free, Parabens-free and Resorcinol-free. The product is very easy to use and it only takes 30-40 minutes to transform your hair. Naturigin 2.0 contains a colour lock treatment to ensure long lasting colour. In keeping with our natural philosophy NATURIGIN is not tested on animals.