Natural Relief for Mild Sunburns and Free Samples

Now we really are having a lovely summer time, at least here in Ireland the sun is shining on a bright blue sky. But as we all know, the sun can be dangerous, especially if we let our skin burn. So, please everyone, remember to use loads of sun cream with a high protection factor. However, if an accident happens and you get sunburned, it’s very important to moisturize your skin properly with a right product. ZUM RUB is a handmade and 100% natural moisturizer, bringing a relief for damaged and mildly sunburned skin helping it heal faster.

Trekking In the Snow - The Brutal Beauty of Ireland

I am completely hooked on trekking, my husband got me into it recently. Our lives are so intensely busy Monday to Friday that heading off at the weekend to trek in Co. Wicklow – 20 minutes down the road from us has become one of the highlights of our weekend. The temperatures drop dramatically as we head up the hills but with each week we are getting more organised and kitted out in the right gear from waterproofs to hiking boots to socks and Gators. We are trying to do the Wicklow way bit by bit rather than in one go. It’s absolutely amazing how few people we come across – it makes us realise – “do people realise what they have on their doorstep”!

Get the Silky Smooth Legs and Skin to Celebrate the Spring

Hi everyone, Hope you all had a great Easter break full of joy and happiness! It is still pretty cold here in Ireland but the sun is shining and we all are hoping that, along the sun, April brings warmer weather for us! I think that’s what we all are waiting for. At least I’m fed up with layers and layers of clothes you have to put on to be able to survive outside… Have you thought about holidays - it seems like they are so far away but what is sure is that it is spring and we are heading towards to the summer day by day… Even though, it’s still not that warm outside I can’t stop dreaming about walking along the streets wearing a nice skirt and that of course requires silky smooth legs.

Cover Root Growth and Gray Hair Instantly!

I hope the sun has been shining for everyone! As you all know we (here in Simply Natural) are constantly working on to find the best and the most natural beauty products there are available to you. To make sure, that the products actually work and are as good and natural as promised, we do a lot of research and test every single product very carefully before bringing it to you. Recently, we discovered a brilliant new product which is all natural and a real time saver: Gray Disappear – Root Touch Up Mascara.

The Duchess of Cambridge is relying on the power of seaweed for younger looking skin

So reports Tuesday’s daily telegraph “Kate Middleton loves Seaweed beauty products”. We are delighted to hear that, so much, so we are sending her our seaweed butters for hands, feet and body, our seaweed body creams and shampoos (Eucalyptus and peppermint) and Detox Seaweed Bath – all full of anti-aging nutrients and all which we know she will love!

The Perfect Blow-dry

Find here our best tips for the perfect blow-dry: After carefully rinsing shampoo and conditioner out of your hair, spend a final few moments rinsing it with cold water. This simple trick will flatten your hairs cuticle leaving it shinier and feeling smoother. Try this in the shower and your whole body will benefit from a circulation boost leaving your skin glowing too.

The story of Cosmetics

Can you remember the first time you found out your hair colour and shampoo could be damaging to your health? Don’t you wish that someone had told you sooner?

Has your hair got the January Blues?

January can feel like the longest month of the year with long dark, days and cold, wet weather. If you feel like you need a bit of lift why not inject some bounce and shine into your hair with one of our salon range conditioners.

Choosing The Right Colour

The team here at Simply Natural love answering requests and phone calls from our customers and we find that we always get asked the same questions over and over. So we have decided to sit down with our resident hair technician Lorraine and get it down on paper!

Get The Summer Look- Without All The Chemicals

Summer has really taken off with fabulous sunshine at last ! I hope you are making the most of it at least at the weekends – live for the moment is my motto ! We are working really hard at bringing you tips, information and help especially with choosing hair colour and looking after you hair. Our previous blog has lots of fantastic tips – If there is anything at all you need to know - pop us a email. There has been a lot of bad press recently about women bleaching their hair with really nasty hair dyes, wanting to achieve that super bleached blonde look. We say if women feel better going very light blonde then at least use a better hair colour and of course our hair colour brands whether doing it yourself or going to the salon are by far superior, innovative, cleaner and purer. Stop using the nasty toxic brands and look after your hair and your health. Check out our fantastic NATULIQUE Hair Salons all over Ireland on our Salon page – they will firstly patch test you (as any good salon should) and give you the best colour / highlights/low lights/ balayage that you have every experienced.

Happy Fresh Breath Day

Fresh breath can often be taken for granted for people blessed with it but the statistics for adults suffering from Halitosis (bad breath) is startling with 3 out of 4 adults suffering from bad breath on a regular basis. With this in mind we would like to celebrate in the true spirit of fresh breath day and share some simple, natural advice along with a chance to win our fresh breath hamper!

Hair Colour and Pregnancy

Karen Koster of the TV3 Fashion And Make up Show Xposė has written about Natulique Organic Hair Colour in September’s Exposė’s magazine. “Now That I’m with child, I’m like mother earth. I’ve switched to organic hair colour and I use the Natulique range for my tint and highlights”….. The endorsements just keep coming. If you missed Rosin Ingles of the Irish Times –see our previous blog!

Enrich & Protect your hair with Argan Oil

After a long dry Summer your hair can be left feeling brittle and dry. Pollution, sudden changes in temperature and daily events all affect the beauty and wellbeing of your hair. Before the Autumn wind and rain arrives to whip your sun damaged hair into a tumbleweed consider nourishing and fortifying your hair with Argan Oil.

What is the Definition of Natural Hair Colour?

So many more people are finding out about our great home hair colour Naturigin but even after hearing the great reviews, seeing the awards and reading about all the dangerous chemicals that are taken out we still get asked –“ is it 100% Natural?” Our permanent home hair colour Naturigin was developed by a family owned Danish company in response to health issues within their circle of family and friends and a lack of trustworthy and ethical natural and organic hair products on the market. Their aim was to create a safer, cleaner brand of hair colouring products from cradle to cradle.

Happy Movember

It’s that time of year again for putting on the woollies- hat’s, scarves and lately- moustaches. Yes it’s Movember again, the only acceptable 30 days for experimenting with weird and wonderful facial hair. After years of seeing sillier and sillier facial hair popping up it can be easy to forget that this all started for a great cause- to highlight men’s health issues especially Prostate Cancer.

Party Season and cold weather tips

The following are a few of the most common questions we get from you at this time of year- so we thought we would share them with all our customers. 1. I have a very sensitive scalp, what would you recommend for covering my grey roots?

NATULIQUE- "Made by the Vikings, for the Vikings!"

The organic, professional hair colour and styling range from Denmark, NATULIQUE is a favourite among stylists all over the world who are passionate about giving their customers a healthy and organic option for colouring their hair. One hair stylist right here in a Ireland knows the importance of not only giving clients the product best suited for the health of their hair, but also what will give them the most natural look.

Jump into Spring with Incrediwear

We hope you have all noticed our fantastic new range of braces and socks while visiting our shop. Just in case you missed them let us introduce you to the products putting a spring in our step this Spring!

Understanding Hair loss

Hair loss is a natural part of ageing with the average person losing between 50 to 150 strands of hair per day. Even though hair loss is perfectly normal it is important to be able to recognise what is normal and what isn’t. Hair loss is an upsetting concern for millions of men and women and isn’t just an issue of vanity. Sudden changes in the rate of hair loss, more noticeable thinning or patchiness should always be brought to your own physician as this can show up the early warning signs of an underlying condition such as a mineral or vitamin deficiency or hormone imbalance.

Natural Remedies for Sun burns

The Irish love the sun and as soon as the temperatures start to rise we all get a little carried away. The sun is so good for us- filling us with Vitamin D, boosting our moods and creating an overall sense of well-being. However no matter how many times sun cream is applied with Irish fair skin sun, burn and sun damage can sneak up on you. If you have been caught out in the last few days by the sun’s rays here are some natural sun burn remedies you can apply to your tender skin to relieve pain and repair skin.

Top tips to avoid injury while Cycling

As many of us are watching the Tour De France competitor’s race and fight to the finish, it has given us the inspiration to take up cycling as a relaxing way to get out of the house and clear our head after a hard day’s work. Unfortunately all sports have the risk of injury so we’ve compiled a list of ways to reduce the risk of obtaining an injury while doing the sport you love.

The Great Benefits of Green Tea

As we know green tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world, which is not a surprise when considering all the health benefits it has. There is much research done and articles written about the benefits of green tea. There is no doubt that green tea is really good for you and can prevent many diseases + improve your whole health and wellbeing.